Tips From A Winning Bride

Hope the Thanksgiving holiday made your hearts happy and bellies full! We are kicking off this December by asking "Do You Feel Lucky?" Luck is a force that seems to operate for good in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities. When wedding planning in 2013, I made it a point to enter every Wedding related contest, giveaway, and raffle that I found in the wedding world. From honeymoons to custom bridesmaids dresses I crossed my fingers and made a wish that I may win and contribute to our wedding somehow. And guess what? I actually won a $350 gift certificate from Wedding Chicks and bridal accessory designer Tessa Kim. To enter I was asked to share Why I thought I should win and tried my best to answer with a genuine and heartfelt email. And it worked! With my winnings I selected my bridal veil and hair piece for both my maid of honor and I. The gifts were truly a blessing and since then I make it a point to pay it forward with future brides whenever I can!

Meet Laura, our Winning Bride. Laura won the giveaway we shared with Wilmington Weddings and Events back in June. We asked Laura a few questions about how she used her winnings as well as her luck...

When was your wedding?

September 5, 2015!

Where was your wedding (location and venue)?

We held our ceremony in the ruins of St. Philip's Church at Brunswicktown in Winnabow. Our cocktail hour and reception at Bakery 105 in Downtown Wilmington!

What was the theme/colors of your wedding?

I had a very hard time with the whole "themed" wedding thing - so I mostly just focused on the colors and what colors would really "pop" in the spaces we had. I did know that I just wanted a classic, pretty, Southern wedding.We went with a gold, blush, and Marsala palate- which was also perfect for the time of year. A touch of Summer and Fall colors.

How long did you plan your wedding?

Eight months! I wasn't sure we could do it at first - but we hit the ground running by booking all of the major vendors ASAP and trickled down to the smaller stuff after that.

How did you find out about the giveaway from Wilmington Weddings & Events/Martha My Dear?

Martha is really great about using social media to promote the company - and I'm literally always on I noticed her posts and had stalked the MMD website some and swooned. When I saw her post the giveaway with Wilmington Weddings and Events - I pretty much jumped at the chance to win! I'd not big on giveaways because usually your shots at winning are so slim, but I guess I had a good feeling about this one :)

On a scale from 1 to 5 how would you rate your luck?

2.5. I'm not very lucky - but I'm also not (thankfully!) very unlucky, either

Did you enter with the hopes of winning and renting any item in particular?

I swooned over the Velma loveseat long before I entered the contest. I'd put that gorgeous thing in my house if Martha would let me ;)

Which items did you choose to rent with your winnings? Why?

We went with the Sweet & Simple package - because it was, well, Sweet & Simple. We wanted something cozy yet formal where guests could sit around and talk during the cocktail hour or reception (if they weren't on the dance floor!)

How did the rentals fit with your venue?

Bakery 105 has this great spot on the patio that just perfect for a lounge area, so I knew when we won that that's where we would put the furniture. It was right as people entered in the venue, so it became a focal point when you walked in, which (I hope) made people feel right at home as soon as they walked into 105. It also made a great place for conversation and relaxing - and some great pictures as well!

Any advice for brides entering contests/giveaways?

Just do it. You can't win if you don't enter, and you'll meet some great people (like Martha!) along the way who are so sweet and helpful. Also- read the post to make sure you're doing everything correctly. If a giveaway says "share this to win!" and you share it but the share is private...the group can't see that you've shared it, and you won't win. Basically you did all that sharing for nothing! 

Anything you might like to add?

Embrace the details at your wedding! People do notice the little things and renting from MMD helped us accomplish that with the lanterns and little details for the Duffy coffee table. Also, don't be afraid to ask your vendors what would look best! They are there to help and they've done this a million times before. They want your wedding to look beautiful, too :)

Laura and Cliff were truly a pleasure to work with. Their wedding at Bakery 105 was a classy Southern affair. Good Luck to all Brides out there who want to try Wedding Giveaways....We wish you much luck!!!