How I Was Asked To Be a Bridesmaid

You got the ring and the man, now you need your ladies! They're your closest friends and loved ones and now it's time to ask them to make a major commitment to your wedding and be your bridesmaid. And a major commitment it is as bridesmaids are there every step of the wedding planning process to help get their girlie to the ceremony.

For this post I would like to share how I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid by my good friend Rachel. Although I have been a part of many weddings through our Vintage Rental Company in Wilmington NC, its the FIRST time I will be a bridesmaid (I know right?!).  I have seen many girlfriends perform the bridesmaid duty for many weddings but its a first for me and of course I'M EXCITED!

To pop the question Rachel surprised me by delivering a personalized gift box to our door. I of course was not home when she came by with the surprise so she left the box for us to see when we got home on our doorstep. I must admit that when I first saw the box with my name in glitter letters I immediately knew what it was! The hubby on the other hand had no clue and mentioned that someone delivered cupcakes to us (hahaha). Although its hard to imagine a better gift than cupcakes (sorry Brian) Rachel definitely found it. Included in my package was a favorite photo of us, champagne flavored jelly beans, a mini message in a bottle and Kate Spade bow earrings (which I plan on wearing on Christmas day).

I am happy to say that I SAID YES to being a Bridesmaid and am already having a great time fulfilling my Bridesmaids duty as I already helped her to pick the perfect venue, date and wedding colors! Did I also mention that we will be providing MANY vintage rentals and décor for the wedding. I always have fun working on weddings but its something special when it's for your good friend...

Cheers to all Bridesmaids everywhere and if you have a bridesmaid, hug her! Feel free to comment below with how you asked your bridesmaid to be part of your wedding or how you were asked!!!