Confessions of a Destination Bride

It's a beautiful Friday here at the Port City and It's Confession time...You're engaged!  Thoughts of wedding planning are now dancing through your head. All. the. time. And that's ok because it's your big day and planning a wedding is a lot of work. You think of your guy- check...maid of honor- location??? Beach... Mountains...Disney? Ok maybe not Disney, but if attending your wedding involves getting on an airplane or a road trip then you are a destination bride!  Destination Weddings have become a very popular and non-traditional way to celebrate the love of two people. Couples everywhere are deciding to extend their wedding celebration from 4 hours to 4 days and incorporating a vacation into the mix with all of their closest friends and family. Meet Hazel, a Destination Bride, planning her upcoming Beach wedding in the Caribbean island of Samana, Dominican Republic. This Bride shared her secret on how to keep calm, cool and collected while planning her destination wedding. We also love her choice of using the scenery as her main point of décor highlighted by a wedding arbor.  Read her confession below...

Where is your destination wedding?
Puerto Bahia Marina - Samana, Dominican Republic

When is the big day?
June 5, 2015

How long have you been planning your wedding?
Approx. 1 Year

How long have you been engaged?
Approx. 1 Year 7 months

What are your colors/theme?
Peach and Light Grey /Sunset

Tell us about your decor?
Our Decor is mainly the scenery with a few decorative pieces added to highlight the beautiful background. The ceremony will take place on a grassy pier surrounded by the ocean and we will be getting married under an arbor. 

What made you choose your destination for your wedding?
The view and how we felt there. We hope our guests have that moment of pure tranquility too.

What has been the most challenging aspect of planning your destination wedding?
Coordinating everything via email and planning travel for all our guests.

What has been the easiest part to plan or decision to make while planning your wedding?
Choosing the Venue.

What's your most favorite thing about your destination wedding?
Having family from around the country come join us on a BIG vacation.

What is something you learned while planning your wedding?
Have a drink right before going dress shopping to loosen you up and have fun during your "Pretty Woman" moment.

If you could give other brides advice about planning a destination wedding what would it be?
Have an open mind when it comes to your vision of your big day because most likely you will be working with a lot of vendors and they can't read your mind to the exact detail so try your best to explain it all and it will be okay. Just remember, You are surrounded by the people that love you both the most so just keep dancing!

I LOVE Hazel's positivity and with that outlook how could she not have the best beach/wedding week ever?! Happy Planning to all the Destination Brides out there and if you are looking for a driftwood arbor for your beach wedding we may have just the one for you!

Lovely Destination Bride, Hazel