Confessions of a Maid of Honor

So it happened. Your sweetie asked you the question that will forever change your life and you said "YES" or "SURE" "OF COURSE" or if you were like me and in shock you said "Mmm Hmm" as those were the only words you could form while caught up in the moment. And for awhile that seems to have been one of the most important questions that have been asked until the time comes for you to also pop the your maid of honor! A maid of honor is one of the most important and supportive people that will be involved in your wedding. When choosing a maid of honor its best to choose this person with your heart as your wedding day is important to her as well. Mainly because she loves you and wants this day to be all that you dreamed of.  Meet current Maid of Honor Rachel, who is helping her bestie get to her big day in January.  Rachel answers a few of our questions about what it's like to be a Maid of Honor...

What's your brides name?

Ashley Aikman

How long have you been friends?

5 years

How did you meet?

We met through the graduate program at UNCW. Ashley sat behind me in one of the few courses we shared together, and realized we had a mutual love of musicals, animals, and eating.

How did she ask you to be her maid of honor?

She sent me a delicous bottle of wine with a sticker asking me to be maid of honor to the future Mrs. Phelps

When and where is the wedding?

The wedding is January 9, at The Cotton Room in Durham, NC

Tell us about your dress?

 It is a one shoulder asymmetrical fit and flare cocktail dress in pearl pink, dupioni by Alex Sung

Have you ever been in a bridal party before?

Yes, I was a bridesmaid this past September

How is this time different?

I was not a maid of honor before... this wedding is also not occurring in the town I live in, which is adding interesting new twists

What's the easiest thing about being a maid of honor?

Being there to support my best friend.

What's the most challenging part of being a maid of honor?

Getting a group of girls (bridesmaids) all on the same page. ladies, respond to your text messages/emails!

Any advice for other maid of honors out there?

Ask your bride up front what she wants/expects. I want the day to be perfect for Ashley, and by having an upfront conversation, planning bachelorette, bridal and day of (hair/makeup, etc) has been a breeze because the communication is there. Be honest, be supportive, and have fun!


We love Rachel's advice on being honest with her bride and learning upfront what her expectations of her wedding day are. How could her bestie not have a great day with such a caring maid of honor by her side. Let's hear it for maid of honors everywhere!


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Maid of Honor, Rachel


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