What We've Learned in 6 Months...

Happy 6 Months in business to us!!! Martha My Dear started as a conversation over dinner while Martha and Brian planned their wedding back in 2013. The conversation kinda sorta went something like this...

B: Wow, we are buying a lot of things for this wedding!

M: Yes, but if I can find a good deal shouldn't I buy it?

B: Definitely! But we are running out of space in the house, these are big things you are buying...

M: Which is why I think we should clean out the garage and make room for our Wedding things.

B: I'll think about it...I guess we can just sell it again after we are married.

M: (cough cough) or rent it...

B: Huh?

M: What? Pass the Butter?

Fast forward to present times and that once dusty, oil spilled 3 car garage got a new coat of paint and shiny floors and it's now the headquarters of Martha My Dear Rentals. It's also the perfect space for us since it allows us to meet with anyone who wants to see our collection in person and we are proud of it dang it! To celebrate the fact that we have been in business for 6 months (and are busy with events through November!) we have taken turns listing 6 things that we have learned while owning our small business for 6 months.

Martha's List

1. Good moving gloves are necessary. This girly girl has to move furniture in and out, up and down and when you get your first splinter you realize it's important to protect the hands!

2. Pick-up trucks are cool! I never fancied myself as a girl who liked pickup trucks and having once worked in New York City depended on taxis and subways. Now in Wilmington, NC  I use them and have even driven a few for rental deliveries and I get what all the hype is about!

3. You will make friends with your clients! You will be so excited for this person that you just met and really really want to make their dreams come true.

4. It's emotional! I never realized the emotions that would come up in this kind of business. Finding new items and uploading pics are easy, but now I am meeting with potential clients, hoping they like me and my collection, answering emails and questions about my opinion on things while trying to hold true to the bride/photographer/wedding planner's vision and it can be nerve-wrecking at times!

5. Size matters! Even though our new 8 ft. x 8 ft. photo backdrop is exquisite and well made in every way... It's super heavy! And whenever its moved I have to make sure that we have extra help and extra time that it needs. Maybe I should keep a tape measure in my handbag?

6. Family is important! My husband and mother have been on board with this business idea since day one. They are always by my side and have let me lead while following my dreams. I am grateful to them and I need them more than they know .

Brian’s List

1. Martha, is this your first time? She really knows her stuff even though she hasn’t been doing this too long. She’s very organized and even helps keep me on track.

2. Hold that pose! I’ve learned that she’ll never want to take just one picture when we are putting the spotlight on a new piece of inventory. Martha will take a picture from any and every angle, making adjustments for lighting and the wind, just so she can get the best picture possible for all to see.

3. A 6-foot ladder won’t always get the job done. Sometimes you have to just climb in that tree like a kid, and get those colorful pom pom’s to hang high enough to add to the ambiance.

4. This is really fun! We enjoy helping the brides plan and decorate their BIG day. It puts smiles on our faces once we see what we have accomplished and everyone is happy with our work.

5. Working with your wife is awesome! Although she’s the brains behind the operation and I just ask what to paint and where to move that loveseat, it’s actually very rewarding to see our teamwork in action.

6. She never stops amazing me! Martha told me she wanted to make this happen, help brides plan their wedding, help make their vision come true and she has done it and continues to do so. I’m so proud of her and it’s fun just watching her enjoy this so much. You would think we were getting married all over again with as much love and devotion she pours into this business. I can promise if you choose Martha to be a part of your wedding, you won’t just be thrilled with how your wedding is decorated but you will also be making a new, great friend!