Meet the Bride Who Found Us on Snap Chat & Booked Her Venue from Our Pics!

Happy October Friends!

This blog post we want to share the cool story of a Bride named Brittany. As you can tell from the title of this Blog post, we did a lot through Social Media that fine day last November while working on another wedding at the Atrium. Yes, It's true the Raleigh based bride, Brittany,  found us on Snap Chat, and booked her Wedding venue here in Wilmington based on the photos of the wedding we were working on that day (view pics from that day here). The funny thing is, We don't even have Snap Chat! Read more about it below...


Tell us how you found out about The Atrium?

Funny story, my coworker, Arlene helps Martha out sometimes with weddings.  One Saturday evening Arlene was posting pictures/videos on her snapchat of a wedding she was working at with Martha.  I replayed it a couple times and texted her right away.  It was beautiful and I had to know where she was.  At the time I had never heard of the Atrium nor was I even looking for a venue (prior to engagement) I was just day dreaming.  I did a little research and fell in love with the Atrium


What were your first impressions when you saw it in person?

I almost cried! Sooo beautiful, love at first sight kind of feeling. Not to mention Jill, who works there, is a freaking peach!


Why did you choose the Atrium for your wedding venue?

I love the greenery!!!  I knew I wanted something outside, maybe something in the woods (minus the bugs) or something extra earthy.  The Atrium fits my fiancee,  Matt, and I well.  Matt is an arborist and works outside for a living and I enjoy being outside in my spare time.  It was the only place where we both felt like it was the one.


What is the theme of your wedding? Colors, feel, etc?

 I know gold and blush will be two of my colors. I’m considering a few different blues but having trouble picking just one.  I want to have lots of greenery on the tables and I want it to feel as if you are in a garden.


What pieces will you use from the Martha My Dear Collection at the Atrium?

The real question is what pieces from Martha am I NOT using. To name a few...the Farm Tables and Farm Benches, the Nell Sweetheart Table, The Vintage Mantle and the lampposts


Any advice for other brides also looking for a wedding venue?

Before you decide on a date, google the town and the date to make sure nothing is going on that weekend.  I booked my wedding the same weekend as UNCW graduation and the PGA tour in Wilmington.

We are so happy that universe brought Brittany and Martha My Dear Rentals together and helped her to find her dream wedding venue. We don't believe in coincidences friends and just know this Wedding is going to go down in History as one of the greats!!! Congrats to Brittany & Matt, can't wait til your special day next May!

Photos by Sean Carr Photography