Hi Friend!

If you've clicked on this, it's because you wanted to learn more about me and I am so happy that you do...

For starters, Yes my name really is Martha! People always seem surprised when they meet me as they are expecting someone a bit older (I am actually named after my grandmother hence the vintage name).  Friends have also told me that it fits well being that I also share the name with the great Martha Stewart.

Some of my favorites in life are my hubby Brian, my brand new baby girl Sadie and yorkie-poo Stewart (named for Martha Stewart-- see what I did there?) and allllll the desserts. I've had the honor of living and working in some majorly great cities like NYC and Miami but I am so proud to call Wilmington, NC my home. 

I also planned my wedding in this coastal town and it  sparked this crazy furniture life. I hope the same furniture that started my dream can also help you to celebrate yours. 

Happy Wedding Planning,